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Can I use an Ditra matting with the DWS cable ?

YES, you can use Ditra matting with Warmup under tile heaters such as the DWS loose wire or Stickmat system.

When installing the Ditra mat with Warmup systems it is important that the heating element does not come into contact with the Ditra Mat.

For installation under the Ditra Mat the heater must be covered with a suitable Self levelling compound, the Ditra is then fixed using a flexible tile adhesive.

For Installation above the Ditra Mat a layer of self levelling compound or flexible tile adhesive. Ensure that all of the cavities are fully filled and is thick enough that the heater does not come in contact with the heating element (at least 2mm thick).

Warmup now offers our own DCM-PRO system which consists of a decoupling membrane and heating cable, the DCM-PRO makes the installation of electric underfloor heating quick and easy. .

Warmup DCM-PRO cable system