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Can I cut the Electric Floor Heating System if I have too much?

You cannot cut the floor heating wire for any reason.

If you cut the heating wire you will invalidate the warranty, cutting or shorting the heater will result in failure.

However, if you have too much floor heating wire there are some options.

  1. If you have excess wire, it is possible to adjust the spacing of your wires.  For example, if the wires are spaced at 90mm apart you can adjust the spacing to be closer. Note: Make sure that you never space the wires closer than 50mm. If using the DWS / Inscreed or DCM-PRO system Ensure that you have used the spacing recommended in the installation manual. 
  2. If you used a 100mm perimeter, reduce the perimeter to 50mm.
  3. Place the wire in sections of the room not currently covered to use up additional wire. Always remember not to place the wire under any permanent fixtures and not positioning them closer than 50mm apart.
  4. In some cases you may have simply miscalculated how much floor heating wire was needed and you just have too much.  In this case you will have to remeasure your space, return the floor heating system and request a different size.  You may be able to have the heater replaced for a smaller size under the safety net warranty, please contact Warmup Customer services on 0345 345 2288 for further information.