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How do I set a programme on the 6iE?

In this how to video we show you how to set a programme on your Warmup 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat.

  • Select the menu icon
  • Select “Program”
  • Switch the program toggle button to on (green)
  • Select “Weekly schedule”
  • Select a day of the week to create a program e.g. Monday
  • Select each day of the week you wish to repeat this program for e.g. Monday – Friday
  • Select the first time period
  • Scroll to select a start and end time and a temperature target for this period
  • Click “Accept” to save adjustments
  • Repeat for the second time period, setting a start time, end time and temperature target
  • Click “Accept” to save adjustments
  • To delete a period, select the time period and then press the bin icon
  • To add a period just click ” Add Period”
  • Adjust the start time, end time and temperature target as before and press “Accept” to save these settings
  • Press “Accept” to save this program for the days selected
  • Once finished, continue to press “Back” to return to the home screen