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When Should I Select? Air vs. Floor when Programming my thermostat?

Control Air/Floor

When the 4iE thermostat is installed following our manual it has the capability to function off of the installed floor probe or the thermostats built in air probe. The thermostat will only operate from one probe location and the probe that you choose will significantly impact the way that the products function. No matter what probe you operate off of, the temperature readings gathered at both locations will always be displayed on the thermostats home screen.

When the thermostat is set to “Large Temperature” display, the words to the right of the large center number will tell you what probe your floor is operating off of. This will be “air” or “floor”. In the top right corner, the opposite probe temperature reading can be found.

Choosing the Air Probe

If you installed the Warmup system for primary heat in your home operating off of the air probe is going to give you the results you are looking to achieve. When the 4iE is set to operate of the air probe, the floor heater will come on and off as needed to heat the entire room to your set temperature at the thermostat level.

Note: If installing under delicate floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet or wood a floor sensor must be installed.A floor sensor is required to ensure that the floor does not exceed the maximum temperature for these type of floor coverings.

Choosing the Floor Probe

In many instances Warmup is installed to take the uncomfortable chill out of the floor. In these situations, our system is most efficient operating off of the floor probe. By selecting to operate off of the floor probe, the temperature gathered at the installation location will trigger the thermostat to turn the heating system on/off.


Further Questions?