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Why does my 4iE thermostat read a percentage?

The 4iE has a Regulator mode that controls the heating in 10 minute cycles.

The regulator setting is only meant for tile floors and regulates the heat of the floor using a 10 minute heating cycles rather than the air/floor sensors.

When applied, you will select a percentage and this represents the number of minutes the heat will be on out of every 10 minute cycle. For example, if you select 60%, the heat will be on for 6 minutes, followed by 4 minutes of the system being off. Then, after the 4 minutes, it will activate again for 6 and so on. This will continue until your programmed heating period ends or until you manually turn off the heat.


To exit regulator mode:

  • menu>setting>advanced setting>heater setting>regulator>SWITCH TO OFF by pressing up or down arrow>accept.



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