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The 4iE wont let me set above a certain temperature ?

The thermostat is set in ‘Air’ Mode. The maximum set temperature in air mode is 30°C. The maximum temperature for Floor Mode is 40°C

Delicate floor coverings need to have their temperatures limited. If the finished floor is set for wood, laminate, vinyl, a safety feature built into the thermostat will not allow you to set the temperature above 27°C.

To change your floor type, follow these steps on the thermostat:
Select Menu
Select Settings
Select Advanced Settings
Select Heating
Select Heating limits
Choose your floor type

You can override these limits through the ‘User Defined’ function on the thermostat. To do this, follow these steps:

Select Menu
Select Settings
Select Advanced settings
Select Heating settings
Select Heating limits
Select User defined
Select Overheat limit
Then adjust floor and air temperature limits as needed
Choose Accept

Find the video on how to override the 4iE temperature settings below:


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