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What is radiant floor heating?

The easiest way to understand radiant heating is to understand the feeling of warmth on your body from the sun on a freezing cold day when the air temperature is clearly below freezing with snow and ice on the ground.

Out of the sun, however, the feeling of warmth disappears, as the main sensation would be of the freezing air temperature.

Radiant heating warms a home or building through radiant heat emitted from a warm element or water pipe from the floor. It warms dense objects, like people and objects first from the floor upwards. The internal air temperature for a radiant heated building may be considerably lower than for a convected air heated building while achieving the same level of body comfort.

This view is supported by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers Radiant Heating Report (ASHRAE – 55-92 2003), which confirmed that test subjects exposed to radiant heat selected comfort temperature levels on average 5.6ºC lower than any other form of heating.


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